Telnet terminal simulation

Character-based user interface was replaced with a web-based GUI for a legacy application. Full telnet terminal emulation in Java Servlet according to standards (RFC-s). Used regular expressions and XSLT to transform text screens into HTML for the UI and SVG for reports in real-time (Java, Servlets, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, regular expressions, XML, XSLT, SVG, TCP/IP, Telnet).

Invoice created with XSLT transformation into SVG.

Web-based telnet terminal architecture:

Web-based telnet terminal
Figure 1: Web-based telnet terminal

Telnet negotiations

Telnet parser
Figure 2: Telnet parser

Telnet negotiation state machine
Figure 3: Telnet negotiation state machine

Ask for Enable
Figure 4: Ask for Enable

Ask for Disable
Figure 5: Ask for Disable

Received Will
Figure 6: Received Will

Received Wont
Figure 7: Received Wont


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