WSDL viewer

WSDL has its constructive logic, but it is hard to read / understand the content by business professionals (mostly non-programmers). Here is a small tool to visualize the web-service in a more intuitive way. I developed this transformation for WSDL interface analysis (to understand the service business functionality).

The version 3.1.xx has experimental support for WSDL 2.0 and modularization for better development / maintenance.

Please enter into the following input field the URL address of a WSDL and click on Submit.



You can download the XSLT transformation. Source code is on Github:

WSDL-viewer was contributed into Apache Woden project. Despite the current Woden project focus to new WSDL 2.0, the WSDL-viewer will support both WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0.


A set of WSDL-s can be converted into web pages (HTML) in a batch process (i.e. an ANT script, that has native XSLT support).

Another elegant option is to add the userfriendly face directly into the WSDL. This way by opening the WSDL in a browser the transformation prepares on-fly the HTML view. This requires just this changes in WSDL:

I hope you will find the transformation useful.

The transformation was inspired by an article of Uche Ogbuji: WSDL processing with XSLT.

The use of XSLT service from W3C is inspired by an idea of CapeScience.